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After reading the basics of the program on the home page you may personalize/brand your own custom calendar building website by clicking Join the Partner Program

  • About relates the history of Tidelines Calendars with its various calendar and tide related businesses.
  • Contact gives the website user direct email and phone contact information for sales and technical help.
  • Tutorial is a complete website page-by-page tutorial…please read
  • The Sign In button will be your starting point once you have registered.


Creating a profile gives you access to the website and allows you to change or update

Your email address will be your username.

The Terms and Conditions agreement should be read thoroughly before you agree. It allows the relationship between Tidelines, the website host and calendar buyer to benefit and protect all entities.

Once you register you will receive an email acknowledgement that prompts you to re-enter the site and build your calendar website. The confirmation usually occurs within 1-2 minutes

Sign In

After you sign in you will land on the first page in the process to create or edit your website - the Company Info page or to edit your website choosing one of the steps above.

Organization Info

Choose Your Website Name which is the URL (web address) for your website. This can be used on your website or in emails to promote your website.

Traffic Tracking allows your to track visitors from your own website to the calendar website. Your logo will appear on the calendar website and, when clicked, will bring users back to your own website

Create your Home Page Title which will display on your home page.

Home Page Text is where you write a personal greeting to your customers.

Upload Your Logo or Photo which will appear on the home page and be printed on the lower right hand corner of each calendar month. Your logo has to be a minimum size of 400 pixels x 300 pixels. You may use a photo instead of a logo or create a file with your business name, contact in and website address.

Enter Your PayPal Username to allow us to make automatic monthly commission deposits directly into your bank account. You may have to first create a PayPal account. There are choices of types of accounts. Choose a “personal” account.

Your Sales Revenue will show who purchased the number calendars, their names, addresses and emails on a monthly basis.

About the Photographer is the area for text about your business and will print on the back of each calendar.

Banner Code

The use of banner codes is optional.

If you wish to use a banner code on your organization website you’ll copy the image and link. Or you may copy the link and create your own banner graphic.

Home Image

You may upload up to 5 Home Page Images that will rotate at the top of your home page. Images must be a minimum of 1000 pixels wide by 352 high in JPEG, GIFF, or PNG format.

You may upload up to 3 Home Page Right Side Images that will rotate on the right side of your home page. Images must be a minimum of 200 pixels wide by 150 high in JPEG, GIFF, or PNG format.

You may upload one Home Page Left Side Images that will show on the left side of your home page. Image must be a minimum of 200 pixels wide by 150 high in JPEG, GIFF, or PNG format.

Step 1 Browse and upload an image.
Step 2 Crop the image by dragging dotted lined box into position.
Step 3 View the home page image in the space above.

About Page

The about page is for writing the text and uploading a photo that will become your website about page. Minimum size is 1000 pixels wide. You have unlimited space for the text section. For the image, follow the same procedure as for the home image…

Step 1 Browse and upload a horizontal image.
Step 2 Crop the image by dragging dotted lined box into position.
Step 3 View the about page image in the space above.

Image Gallery

You may create up to 6 calendars on the website.

Give each calendar a title. It is suggested to use the title on the caption of the cover image (see below).

Pricing is divided into 3 quantity fields. You may use the same or different prices for each field. Your profit is any amount over $10.00 per calendar.

Once this step is complete you click the “add calendar” button and begin with uploading images, assigning the months, and adding captions. Image ratio is1.3.
Note: if you add any text to image please leave an unedited border of 1”’ on all sides.

If the cover image is used inside calendar it needs to be uploaded twice.

Promo Codes

The use of promo codes allows the organization the ability to gift or reward its members or offer special promotions for donations or membership renewals. The 5-digit codes are available for purchase from Tidelines. They are placed on the partner website and their usage is automatically recorded for viewing.

For single promo codes (that can be given to individuals) click on Buy Single Promo Codes. You can purchase any quantity and receive separate code numbers to give out. The cost is $15.00 per code (we pay shipping/handling). Your calendar buyer enters the code at check out and clicks “update order” which changes the dollar amount to $0.00. The codes “created” and “used” are tracked on the promo code page.

To purchase quantity promo codes used by the organization to print and re-sell quantities over 10 click on Buy Quantity Promo Codes. The cost is $10.00 per calendar for the minimum order. The cost per unit goes down as the quantity purchased goes up (see page). We pay shipping. Your purchase will create one code for the quantity purchased. When ordering from your website enter the promo code and click “update order” which changes the dollar amount to $0.00. You may only use the code for one calendar design. If you want different calendar dates, images, or images designs you need to purchase separate codes.

Sales Reports

The sales reports are viewed giving monthly totals for sales and commissions. You can view each individual order which includes name, address, email address, and order information. Reports can be saved as PDF’s.