RAT Surfs!

    RAT Surfboards has been a family owned and operated business for over 20 years here in Encinitas, California. Shaper Jeff "Rat" Battisti has a passion for shaping and is committed to shaping you the best board for your level of surfing. RAT Surfboards shapes a variety of various boards for individuals of all ages. Jeff "Rat" Battisti will personally sit with you to place the perfect order for you!
    Try a RAT, you'll like it!
    Here at this site, you can order a RAT Surfboards calendar that features some of our team riders. Enjoy! It's a great day to surf! Keep smilin'

    Order your custom RAT board today!
    Contact shaper Jeff "Rat" Battisti
    website www.ratsurfboards.com
    email rat@ratsurfboards.com
    phone 760.633.4827