Create Website

Choose Your Website Name which is the URL (web address) for your website. This can be used on your website or in emails to promote your website.

Traffic Tracking allows your to track visitors from your own website to the calendar website. Your logo will appear on the calendar website and, when clicked, will bring users back to your own website

Create your Home Page Title which will display on your home page.

Home Page Text is where you write a personal greeting to your customers.

Upload Your Logo or Photo which will appear on the home page and be printed on the lower right hand corner of each calendar month. Your logo has to be a minimum size of 400 pixels x 300 pixels. You may use a photo instead of a logo or create a file with your business name, contact in and website address.

Enter Your PayPal Username to allow us to make automatic monthly commission deposits directly into your bank account. You may have to first create a PayPal account. There are choices of types of accounts. Choose a “personal” account.

Your Sales Revenue will show who purchased the number calendars, their names, addresses and emails on a monthly basis.

About the Photographer is the area for text about your business and will print on the back of each calendar.


Creating a profile gives you access to the website and allows you to change or update

Your email address will be your username.

The Terms and Conditions agreement should be read thoroughly before you agree. It allows the relationship between Tidelines, the website host and calendar buyer to benefit and protect all entities.

Once you register you will receive an email acknowledgement that prompts you to re-enter the site and build your calendar website. The confirmation usually occurs within 1-2 minutes. If you don’t receive it in that time check your "spam" folder.

You may make changes to this one the User Profile tab at any time.